meso-utopia (open discussion and participation)
Jon Geib
9h00-10h00 at Z33

Learning Cities anew, not as Masters but as Amateurs (presentation)
Cristina Ampatzidou / Amateur Cities
10h00-11h00 at Z33

OffCourse, the Disobedient Student
by Jeroen Bouweriks
11h00-12h30 at Z33

Table talk +1  (round table discussion)
Kirsten Vanlangenaeker, Mike Feijen, Lien Vanoppen, Pavel Balta, Louise Osieka and Sebastián González de Gortari
11h00-12h30 at Z33

The Public Dream Clinic Hasselt – Siësta edition (collective sleeping and social dreaming)
Leon Tan & Amanda Newall
13h30-15h00 at Z33

Urban Communalities: Subcultures, Blockchain & the myth of the algorithm (didactic discussion)
Parasite 2.0
14h30-15h30 at Z33

Open design and mobility culture in the city (presentation and discussion)
Thomas Lommée
15h30-16h30 at Z33

Open design in the other city (round table discussion)
Thomas Lommée, Parasite 2.0 and Cristiam Sabogal (Creatorio)
16h30-17u30 at Z33