In order to instigate discussion, debate and reflection, we outlined 4 points of departure based on important elements of the socio-political ecology of the city—education, justice, otherness and knowledge. These points don’t intend to be exhaustive and are framed as intentionally ambiguous, welcoming interpretations from utopic to dystopic and prompting diverse responses in search of the other city.

In the other city….
a…schools will be unnecessary
b…no one will speak of justice
c…there will be no otherness
d…we will be saturated by information

The programme is structured around these four statements and spread throughout the 10 days of the Open School.

PERMANENT Activities (21st to 30th of April)

Periphery songs (audio tour)
Circumstance / Duncan Speakman
Location (equipment pick-up): Reception Z33
Note: Dutch only

How to understand the City as Performative? (immersive installation)
Location: Z33

The Public Dream Clinic Hasselt – Siësta edition (collective sleeping and social dreaming)
Leon Tan & Amanda Newall
Location: Z33

meso-utopia (open discussion and participation)
Jon Geib
Location: Z33