City makers. Serious games (participatory workshop)
Teodora Constantinescu and Oswald Devisch / ArcK UHasselt
10h00-17h00 at De Andere Markt (Genk)

The Car Wrestlers: Trading Rules, Changing Roles (reflective discussion)
Annelies Vaneycken / Sven de Visscher
10h00-12h00 at Z33

The Commons in Hasselt: from global to local (round table discussion)
with Louis Volont (CCQO – Universiteit Antwerpen), Peter Heyndrickx (City of Hasselt), Pablo Hannon (Hectica / The School Hasselt), Liesbeth Huybrechts (ArcK, UHasselt / De Andere Markt) and others
10h30-13h00 at Z33

On Citizenship (presentation)
by Giuditta Vendrame
14h00-15h00 at Z33

Understanding land use rights. Building landed commons (lecture & discussion)
by Pieter Van den Broeck
15h00-16h30 at Z33