City makers. Serious games (participatory workshop)
Teodora Constantinescu and Oswald Devisch / ArcK UHasselt
10h00-17h00 at De Andere Markt (Genk)

Introducing the Archive (tutorial presentation)
Michael Kaethler & Pablo Calderón Salazar
09h30-10h00 at Z33

Kolenspoor City (presentation)
by Ciel Grommen
10h30-11h30 at Z33

The Public Dream Clinic Hasselt – Siësta edition (collective sleeping and social dreaming)
Leon Tan & Amanda Newall
13h30-15h00 at Z33

Lutopia – another city in another world (presentation and group discussion)
Hilde Heynen
13h30 – 16h00 at Z33

H​erd / pack / swarm (movement workshop)
​Azahara ubera Biedma
16h00-17h00 at Z33

Trading Places (book launch)
17h00 – 18h00 at Z33

Reception by De Wroeter
18h00 at Z33

Opening of Smartlab ACT V: VLADIMIR SLAVOV – URBAN DEBRIS (exhibition launch)
20h00 at Z33 (kapittelzaal)