DESIS philosophy talk: design for the human condition (seminar)
Virginia Tassinari / DESIS
10h00 – 13h00 at Z33

There is no outside (collective work)
Paolo Patelli & Giuditta Vendrame (la jettée)
10h00-13h00 at Z33

The Public Dream Clinic Hasselt – Siësta edition (collective sleeping and social dreaming)
Leon Tan & Amanda Newall
13h30-15h00 at Z33

The Car Wrestlers: Trading Rules, Changing Roles (interactive presentation)
Annelies Vaneycken / The Office for Public Play
16h00-17h00 at Z33

Trust and influence in the digital city (informal presentation and discussion)
Sean Chester
16h00-17h00 at Z33

H​erd / pack / swarm
(movement workshop)
​Azahara ubera Biedma
17h00-18h00 at Z33

Costume in art, institution and education (presentation)
Amanda Newall
18h00-19h00 at Z33

Education and creativity in the other city
 (keynote presentation)
Jurgen Bey
19h30-21h00 at Z33