Table Talk +1 (round table discussion)
Kirsten Vanlangenaeker, Mike Feijen, Lien Vanoppen, Pavel Balta, Louise Osieka and Sebastián González de Gortari
Tuesday 25 April, 11h00-12h30 at Z33

The table talk +1 will host an open informal talk between 4 art students, each inviting a guest, young people who are at the beginning of their artistic careers. The students will ask questions to start a conversation, not based on academic knowledge, but on personal and informal expertise, and starting from the central statement of the Open School: the city could be otherwise. The questions and conversation will reflect on the impact of art in society, and how can young art students position themselves within such context.

The confirmed +1 guests are:
Louise Osieka, Artistic and Business director CIAP, and
Sebastián González de Gortari, Mexican artist and writer.