OffCourse, the Disobedient Student
by Jeroen Bouweriks
11h00-12h30 at Z33

‘Disagreement’ and ‘anger’ can be fertile ground for finding new perspectives and alternative approaches on classical rooted education systems. When shattering these into pieces and deconstructing them to discover new potentials, we will rethink and design a challenging collective and multivocal approach on (anti)education. According to self-designed rules, the participants will use the techniques of file sharing, cut ups, sampling and plagiarism to assemble new outcomes.

During this workshop we will investigate and research ways to trash and destroy the idea of traditional institutions, school systems, structures and educational visions; and we will discuss alternative and experimental educational formats such as; the Anti – University of London, The University of trash, BHQUF, De-schooling Society, The Sisters Academy, …​