For almost two years, TRADERS Talk has been serving as a forum for sharing and discussing how art and design practices can work in / with / for public space in participatory ways. The platform takes the form of an Archive of projects and practices clustered around three central topics: participation, public space and agency. The projects that are part of the archive represent alternative takes on the city and our built environment, suggesting that things could be otherwise. In the context of the upcoming TRADERS Open School, we are launching a new open call for projects for the Archive that respond to this statement.


During the Open School event, an extended version of our archive will be materialized and presented as a stock of good practices that inform future research and practice. The Archive in its physical form will serve as a resource for the OS; it will also remain in its digital form and be accessible online. Existing projects already present in the platform will be automatically included.

To submit a project for the archive, click here to add your contribution.

As an Open School, there will be tutors from a range of backgrounds and practices giving talks, exhibitions and hosting events in a peer-oriented community. Practitioners who respond to the open call might be invited to contribute in the role of tutor. If you wish us to consider you for such role, use the hashtag #TOS in your contribution

Projects should be submitted before the 28th of February 2017.