There is no outside (collective work)
Paolo Patelli & Giuditta Vendrame (la jettée)
Thursday 27 April, 10h00-13h00 at Z33

During this workshop, or rather a collective work, we will attempt to sketch out evacuation plans and escape lines leading from “this city” to “the other city”. Starting from a collection of articles and anecdotes from international newspapers, journals and web resources, we will expose past attempts at searching, dreaming and building places that are out of this jurisdiction, this time, this world.

And what if in the process we will find out that, indeed, all evasive strategies can not but be elusive, that there is no “away”, that there is no “outside”? Perhaps, while sorting past attempts, failures and even partial successes, we will succeed in creating a temporary space, just by the means of a conversation. There, by recombining words and images, sketches, maps and headlines into new assemblages, again we will indulge in putting down and setting up our own plans: new, elusive, necessary emergency procedures.