The other space, art and dissensus in the city (a walking, reading & discussing session in Hasselt)
by Stijn Van Dorpe
Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April, 13h00: departing from Z33

During two afternoons we will walk trough the city of Hasselt, find or negotiate access to public or private places to sit down, read and discuss. We will carry with us a fragile glass plate with a scheme printed on it. The scheme, a drawing based on the essay ‘the paradoxes of political art’ by Jacques Rancière, pinpoints the importance of ‘dissensus’ at the heart of politics and art. We will read parts of this essay and try to connect its ideas to artistic working processes in public space. In this workshop questions related to the specific (ideological) values and possibilities of the art space in the social fabric and urban context will emerge and be interrogated and discussed.  Texts will be provided in English and Dutch.