Lutopia – another city in another world
(presentation and group discussion)
Hilde Heynen
Wednesday 26 April, 13h30 – 16h00 at Z33

In 2016 an interdisciplinary working group of the KU Leuven think tank Metaforum undertook a utopian exercise to imagine the ideal city of the future, concentrating on the city of Leuven. This exercise resulted in a book emulating the structure of Thomas More’s Utopia from 500 years before. It tells the story of Lutopia, as Leuven is called in 2116, an ideal city in a world with open borders, which achieved ecological balance. The book also discusses the challenges and contradictions that are intrinsic to such a utopian vision – e.g. with respect to the role of the school. How are children to be educated, if one wants them to become responsible citizens, while at the same time ensuring the freedom to make their own choices?  The workshop will depart from a presentation of Lutopia, followed by group discussions on issues raised by this vision.