1st TRADERS Training Week: ‘Intervention’

*The program of the Training Week is closed to the members of the TRADERS project.


Annelies Vaneycken in association with Irene Pittatore (The Regenerators, 2012)

The first training week of TRADERS project will take place in Genk, from the 27th to the 30th of September. It develops around the approach of intervention as a participatory practice, discussing and exploring the relation and – on the first sight – opposition between the concepts of intervention and participation. This week takes place in the area of Hasselt-Genk, with its host institution being LUCA School of the Arts (KULeuven). Throughout five days, we attempt to deconstruct and evaluate the process of producing a ‘participatory’ intervention, and work with the expertise from the LUCA School of Art (KULeuven) partners.

Program: TRADERS Training Week #1: Intervention

Reader: http://goo.gl/MpRFSQ